The Abhiyan Bharat movement (registered as a charitable trust) was started in 2012 by prominent corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.

The driving idea behind Abhiyan Bharat was to do something in the field of education of young children. As education had played a crucial role in founding team’s attaining professional, social and financial success they chose education as their way to give back to the society.

The intention is to provide under-privileged individuals an opportunity to get a kick start in life. To play a significant role in designing their future in a way that they become useful and contributing citizens of this country.

The Abhiyan Bharat team was formed and it decided to first study the current education system especially in low-income areas. Team surveyed various schools (government and small private) in Jaipur. This is what it discovered:

  • Large infrastructural gaps
  • Dearth of quality teachers
  • Lack of educational environment both at home and in schools.

We have already identified and partnered with three schools that were already running in Jaipur slums. The schools though operational for a long time were doing poorly. They were marred by poor infrastructure, lack of good teachers and high turnover of students. In short, working at much lower potential than they could.

Now, that ABF has been working with these school for last 2-6 years, schools look very different from when we first partnered with them.

  • Basic infrastructure like safety, hygiene, seating, blackboards etc has improved.
  • Massive investment was made in school leadership by hiring experienced Academic Heads and their training.
  • Experienced teachers were recruited with special focus on culture fitment. These teachers work intensively with both parents and students to improve the education environment.
  • Modern curriculum with digital classes & TLMs has been introduced.
  • Character building of students through Value Based Education.
  • Parents reach-out program established through regular Parent-Teacher meetings and continuous house hold visits by teachers and Academic Head.
  • Alumni Management Program to handhold the students who pass out from these schools. We provide evening classes and mentors to our alumni.

As a result our student number has grown from 40 in 2012 to 260 in 2014 to 300 in 2016 to 650 in 2018 and to 750 in 2019.

While Abhiyan Bharat was launched with the vision to educate children from the poverty-stricken areas of Jaipur, the TRUST since extended to the realm of healthcare through a health education program for parents.  The Trust enhances healthcare awareness among parents through continuously organizing and sending them to health check-up camps  in the hope that this ethos will be replicated across their families, relatives and friends. In future more and more investment will be made on Parents as they are a very important link in child’s education.