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    “We invite you to come join us our vision and contribute to deliver our mission”Abhiyan Bharat seeks support through the following means:

    Invitation to become our Project School: 
    We invite proposals for academic support from deserving and credible Schools working for underprivileged children. If you are school who wants to achieve sustained growth and impact a larger number of students through holistic education, we can help you achieve that. In order for us to consider you, please click the below link ‘Invitation’, read the eligibility criteria and apply.

     We rely a lot on our volunteers who bring a wealth of experience in varied are to our schools. We have already been benefited with dedicated volunteers who works on either specific projects or assist in teaching.
    Abhiyan Bharat seeks enthusiasts to help with teaching, writing, coordinating and other responsibilities. Do let us know more about how you would like to contribute.

    Teachers: are one of the most important pillars of our mission. We have been blessed with teachers who have been with us for an average of 3-4 years giving a great stability to school. We provide regular training both for teaching methods and soft skills. Abhiyan Bharat is looking for highly motivated individuals who are looking to work with our students, deliver high quality education and help us to achieve the noble cause we have set out for. The pay is at par with the industry standards.” If you wish to be the part of our team and make the difference as a teacher, kindly click the link and apply accordingly.

    Job opening

    Spreading Awareness:
     We believe that sensitising the society towards need for education can go long way in encouraging more an more people to join the cause. Each of us has the potential and even smallest of contribution and can sea changes.Abhiyan Bharat would be happy if you shared this website URL with friends who might want to be associated.