We believe that learning should equip children with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to succeed in their adult life. We also believe that children learn best when the learning is imparted in a fun way. We have adopted modern curriculum which is broadly based on National Curriculum Framework but focuses upon the teaching of key skills through creative, cross-curricular approach. It helps children in learning skills of 21st century. Digital class, models, educational games, project based learning, educational visits, computer and internet, library etc are the important ingredients of our curriculum.Fun thing like ‘Sentence of the day’ was started where students are given a sentence in English to learn, memories and use during the day. ‘No bag’ day: Once a week, a ‘no bag day ‘makes it possible for students to learn by seeing. Vegetable Days or Fruit Days: During Vegetable Days or Fruit Days, vegetables/fruits are purchased and showcased which makes it possible for students see firsthand what they might have seen only in the books. (Children Toy Foundation) helped us to create a toy repository through which students can play and learn. An evening library was commissioned with books contributed by Children Book Trust, Pratham Books and Geeta Press, among others. Evening tuition classes was started for weak students.