Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Abhiyan (Bharat) Foundation? Are they a registered trust? Where do they get money from?

Abhiyan (Bharat) Foundation (ABF) is a family run charitable trust. Yes it is a registered Charitable Trust.The money is contributed by the Trustees from their personal funds. In past we have also accepted some donations from close associates.

What do they do?

Abhiyan (Bharat) Foundation works in the area of education by providing academic support to already existing schools in low-income areas and charging minimal or no fee.

Why are they providing academic support? 

We provide qualified teachers and management staff to school we collaborate with. We believe that the backbone of any education is the teachers and thus by investing in qualified teachers (which the schools might not otherwise afford) we improve the overall quality of the education being imparted to the students in low-income group.

Is it really no cost to us? How do they then make money for their organisation?

Yes all the expenses of teachers like salary, work shop, training, educational tools to enhance English speaking skills are provided by ABF. ABF is a charity organisation and we do not wish to make money from this. Fee collected by school remains with schools. However, we do work on strict policy and control to have maximum impact by every penny spent. We want our schools to remain affordable for the current and future students. We also arrive mutually ideal number of the students keeping student-teacher ratio in mind.

Does our school property remain ours? What are our responsibilities?

Yes, ABF has nothing to do with your property. In fact, its maintenance and security of the property and that of the students remains school’s responsibility. We also expect the school owners to manage school affiliation, RTE regulations and all other government related inspections etc.

Are there any hidden conditions? 

There is none but we do expect the owners of the school to fully cooperate with us in order for us to deliver the best. We prefer no interference in academic part of the school management. We also look for long-term partners.

Why can’t I try only for one year and decide?

We typically engage with a school for 2-3 months before entering in to an MOU. And this can be taken as trial period for both ABF and for the school owners. Once everyone is okay, we like to have a commitment of 5-10 years. As we invest a lot in terms of our time and money, we think its ideal to have that time span for the results to really show.

Why is an MOU important?

As each situation is unique, an MOU ensures that the concerns of both the parties are addressed and both their interests are safeguarded. An MOU is made through mutual discussions.

How does the school owner benefit?

As quality of education improves, a school gets better results, lower dropout rates, exposure through competition and hand holding for the passing out students.  This improves your reputation and more and more students want to enroll with you, which helps you maximise capacity utilisation.